Proximity modelling added to pedestrian simulation

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New Oasys MassMotion proximity modelling tools to aid post-pandemic planning

Oasys Software has added proximity modelling tools to its 3D pedestrian movement analysis software MassMotion to help understand how buildings and facilities can be used in a post pandemic world.

The new capabilities are designed to help engineers, architects, and planners and facilities owners and managers to test scenarios within MassMotion models, and quickly generate visualisations that will help premises to understand evolving requirements for safety.

The new proximity modelling tools show how close people are likely to get and for how long, and to see what effects the ‘new normal’ may have on capacity. The effects of changes to the layout of a building or space can be assessed quickly, and different solutions can be tested.

According to the developers, MassMotion gets as close as possible to real human behaviour because the smart agents within its models can be given an ever-widening range of personal attributes, such as age and walking speed as well as options to test varying levels of social distancing. These virtual crowds will demonstrate within minutes how real pedestrians are likely to behave. They will demonstrate the buildings likely capacity and throughput, and they enable MassMotion users to test where interventions, such as simply opening or closing a ticket gate, may resolve issues.

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