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Dell Precision 3450 SFF and Dell Precision 3650 launch

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‘Entry-level’ desktop workstations span 3D CAD and  BIM up to GPU rendering and VR

Dell has launched two new ‘entry-level’ desktop workstations, the Dell Precision 3450 SFF and Dell Precision 3650.

Both machines feature 11th Gen Intel Core or Xeon W-1300 processors (up to 8 cores), up to 128 GB of 3,200MHz memory, PCIe Gen 4 SSDs, WiFi and a choice of Nvidia and AMD professional graphics options.

With a ‘small form factor’ chassis, the Dell Precision 3450 comes with a more limited set of processor options, maxing out at the 65W Intel Core i9-11900 (8 core, 3.3GHz, up to 5.2GHz) and 80W Intel Xeon W-1390 (8 Core, 2.8GHz, up to 5.2GHz).

With a larger chassis, bigger PSU and more thermal headroom, the Dell Precision 3650 increases the choice with the 125W Intel Core i9-11900K (8 Core, 3.5 GHz to 5.3 GHz) and Intel Xeon W-1390P (8 Core, 3.5 GHz up to 5.3 GHz).

Both of these CPUs feature higher-base clock speeds so the Dell Precision 3650 should deliver better multi-threaded performance.

And while both machines should deliver better performance in single threaded CAD applications than their predecessors, in multi-threaded workflows like rendering they could be slower. This is because the Dell Precision 3440 and Dell Precision 3640 both offer 10th Generation Intel Core and Xeon processors with 10 cores, two more than the new machines.

The Dell Precision 3450 mounted on a display
The Dell Precision 3450 can be mounted on a display

The Dell Precision 3450 and 3650 are also differentiated by graphics. With a choice of AMD Radeon Pro WX2100, WX3200 and Nvidia Quadro P400, P620, P1000, the Dell Precision 3450 is squarely focused on 3D CAD/BIM.


Meanwhile, the Dell Precision 3650 can go all the way up to the Nvidia Quadro RTX 5000, which is suitable for real time 3D, GPU rendering and VR. Dell does not yet offer the new ‘Ampere’ NVIDIA RTX GPUs, such as the Nvidia RTX A4000 and Nvidia RTX A5000, so those looking for maximum graphics performance may wish to wait.

To increase desk space and reduce clutter the Dell Precision 3450 can be mounted behind a display, while the Dell Precision 3650 comes with an optional cable cover to provide secure cable management at the rear of the machine. Both machines come with an optional dust filter to help keep internal components clean and running smoothly.

The Precision 3450 Small Form Factor and Precision 3650 Tower workstations are available now, globally. Prices start at $1,089 and $1,219 respectively.


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