Resolve breaks down model size barriers on standalone VR headsets

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Collaborative design review software also adds AR capabilities through support for Meta Quest Pro

Resolve, an XR-based collaborative design review tool for AEC projects, has introduced the ‘Wellington Engine’, a custom 3D engine designed to render huge BIM models with millions of polygons on standalone virtual reality devices.

This includes the new Meta Quest Pro, which also enables Resolve to add Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities to the software by taking advantage of the headset’s colour passthrough cameras.

Resolve’s ‘Wellington Engine’ is said to use ‘cutting edge’ techniques in virtualized geometry, occlusion culling, and adaptive partitioning, to enable the review of complex files without having to stream data from an external workstation/server or devoting hours to model clean up.

Resolve offers integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud.

Companies can link their account to Resolve and models will automatically update without any manual exports.

Resolve also connects with project management tools and syncs comments made in VR to external issue trackers without extra work.