Igloo enhances Shared VR Cylinder

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New collaborative immersive projection space boasts a smaller footprint and allows for faster set-up and de-rig

Igloo Vision has re-engineered its Shared VR Cylinder, an immersive projection space that can be used to engage with 360° or VR content for collaborative design review. The new version features a self-supporting structural frame which, according to the company, offers a number of benefits including faster set-up and de-rig times, better branding options, and a smaller footprint.

Shared VR Cylinder is powered by the Igloo Media Player, which works out of the box with a wide range of design and visualisation tools, including AutoCAD, Lumion, Navisworks, Revit, Revizto, and Solibri.

Colin Yellowley, founder of Igloo Vision says: “The Cylinder quickly became our best-selling system, and has since spawned several imitators (or even imposters). Although the new version looks similar, the structure has been completely re-engineered. As well as bringing benefits to clients, this allows us to respond much more easily to client requirements – such as different projector rigs, different sizes, and different configurations.”

Originally available with a 6-metre diameter, several sizes have been added, including 5-metre, 7-metre, and 9-metre versions. It is also available in a fully-enclosed 360° configuration, as well as open-fronted, 220°, and 180° set-ups.

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