New VR tool focuses on collaborative design review

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Symmetry from DVERSE works with SketchUp, with support for IFC and Revit files to follow later

Symmetry is a new VR tool for AEC professionals built to accelerate design validation through greater accuracy, better sense of scale and improved communication.

The software currently works with SketchUp files, but support for LiDAR data through *.las and *.laz files will be added soon. Support for *.IFC and Revit files will follow in the future.

Symmetry features standard teleport tools for navigation, real time daylight simulation within VR and includes support for SU Podium lights and materials. With online collaboration, multiple team members can remotely immerse into the same model and discuss design direction.

Markup and annotation tools are also included, giving team members and clients an easy way to communicate revisions from inside VR. All markups are saved to the 3D CAD model and synced to SketchUp via Symmetry Cloud. Revision history is archived and accessible to all team members.


Designs revised within SketchUp and synced with Symmetry can be reviewed immediately within VR, greatly accelerating the design-review process.

Symmetry is available from DVERSE and costs $999 per user/year



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