Cintoo enhances laser scan navigation

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Users can now teleport using unlimited virtual vantage points

Cintoo has improved the way in which users can navigate lasers scans on its ‘Visual Twin’ platform using a ‘teleportation camera’.

Previously, scan to scan navigation was limited to the scan set up locations. Now users can teleport simply by pointing, clicking and setting the desired height.

Combined with TurboMesh, the mesh streaming engine, Cintoo explains that this provides the user with ‘unlimited virtual vantage points’ at the same resolution as the source scan.

Teleportation can also be used to navigate imported BIM or CAD models, to compare to as-built scans.

“We are bringing successful proven 3D navigation concepts from the gaming industry into our B2B industrial worlds,” says Cintoo’s CEO Dominique Pouliquen.

“Democratising the use of laser scan point clouds has always been our focus, with no compromise on the source data accuracy and density. We believe that the trustful, but expensive, laser scan data should be used by many, many more people that are not expert surveyors or VDC engineers.”

Cintoo’s teleportation camera is also being embedded into Cintoo’s Unreal plug-in to allow for full 3D navigation in the game engine, at the same high mesh resolution as the source point cloud.



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