Epic Games releases Twinmotion 2020.2 for arch viz

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New tools for animation and phasing among the new features added to the real-time viz software powered by Unreal Engine

Twinmotion 2020.2, the latest release of the AEC focused real-time visualization tool, includes new tools for animation and phasing, more realistic materials and effects, and new animated and smart assets. New users are also being offered a 50% discount until 1 September 2020, with a perpetual license available for $249, including free upgrades until December 2021.

For animation, the software features a wide range of new door assets that automatically snap and scale to fit within existing openings and can be set to automatically open based on the proximity of camera and/or people assets. Custom objects such as doors, windows, and elevators can also be animated.

A new multi-track timeline-based phasing tool is designed to make it much faster and easier to create phased video of a project’s construction schedule, or to present different variations sequentially.

For increased realism, Twinmotion’s water material has been improved to better reflect changes in depth. Rain generated by the software’s weather system now makes surfaces appear wetter and forms puddles with ‘greater physical accuracy’, letting users simulate more realistic rainy day scenes.

Car assets included now have a clear coat effect that depicts more accurate car paint by simulating a layer of varnish applied over a surface.

There are also several new assets including East Asian Trees, commonly found in China, Japan, and Korea, new ‘higher-quality’ construction vehicles and new customisable aircraft assets.

New ‘higher-quality’ construction vehicles replace the existing assets

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